Emotions Affect Healing

6977_10151373588542650_572368770_nWhen we are under stress it causes a cascade of hormones and reactions to flow throughout the body. Non-essential bodily functions shut off, energy producing functions kick in, blood (along with it’s immune and repair gadgets) goes to where it’s needed most to get us out of danger. When we’re running from a tiger that makes sense, the body doesn’t need to be digesting food or healing wounds when you’re about to be eaten alive.  Once the threat is over the body goes back to healing and repairing, sending the relaxation hormones into motion and putting the fight, flight, or freeze hormones back in the box until next time.

Make the Most of Life When Diagnosed with Cancer

Once you or a loved one has received a diagnosis for a life threatening illness life is never the same.  You find yourself measuring time by “before the diagnosis” and “after the diagnosis.”   Is it possible to make choices that can improve the quality of your life?  Today we have a guest post by Faith Franz of The Mesothemlioma Center, who shares some tips on making the most of life after the diagnosis.

Things You Need to Know about PTSD-Guest Author


If you have experienced a significant trauma in your life you may be suffering from the lingering effects of Posttraumatic Stress.  If the following guest article reminds you of your own feelings, or of a loved one,  know that there are natural methods available to help…

Things You Need to Know about PTSD

by Ryan Rivera,

To feel terrified, dejected, restless, and disconnected are but natural for people who have witnessed a very traumatic event. The emotions that make us human are sure to be shaken up as we try to internalize and make sense of the disconcerting experience. With time, the feelings will soon fade. The once happy and carefree “us” will soon be back. We will regain our normal life.

Guided Imagery for Pain Relief

Curious about how guided imagery can be used for pain relief, stress reduction, and healing?  Below is a short interview with Leslie Davenport, licensed therapist, clinical faculty at the integrative medicine center of a major hospital in San Francisco, and one of my psychology continuing education instructors, who gives a great example of how guided imagery works:

Validate One Another

We have many roles in life.  Many of those roles require that we give of ourselves, often with nothing in return to refresh and regenerate our energy levels.  Some days it feels like we have nothing left to give.  Those are the days when self-care is critical.  Taking time to recharge by intentionally planning down time may be just the thing required (that to-do list can wait a few hours) whether or not anyone else steps in to help us. We really can’t be as effective for others when we aren’t taking care of our own needs.

Imagine Yourself Better

What do you think of yourself?  Are you typically Positive Polly, or are you more of a Negative Nelly?  The way you see yourself has been shown to make a difference in overall wellness.  The good news is that you can do something to improve your wellness just by intentionally imagining yourself in a better light.  You’ve heard about how “being your best self” can change an outcome from many of the experts on success psychology and athletic performance.  Here’s a glimpse of how imagining your best possible self can impact your overall well-being:

Imagining a “Best Possible Self” to Generate Optimism

Is Happiness a Choice?

Believe it or not, it is within your power to create positive thoughts allowing you to accomplish anything you set out to do.  Can you really think yourself happy?  The answer is a qualified yes. Research proves that how we think can directly affect how we feel.  Here are the ways in which positive thoughts can help you accomplish many things in life.

How HealYourBest Coaching Works

Whether you’re newly injured, preparing for, or recovering from surgery, you need tips and tools to make the healing process easier and less stressful. HealYourBest Certified Wellness Coaching provides the right tools for you at just the right time.  From the moment you decide to invest in this program you will benefit from having an experienced and highly trained guide along during your journey of recovery.  I’ll personalize a program starting with where you are currently, will encourage you as you look at your old story in order to know what to change, and will “walk beside you” as you create your new story of wellness.

How’s Your Stress Immunity?

Stress is part of life, we simply can’t avoid it.   There are some folks who seem to bend and bounce back no matter what life throws their way, while others tend to bend and break. Let’s face it, life can be just plain hard at times.   And yet, how well we hold up under stress may be more in our own control than we realize.  In fact, stress can make us stronger.

The following article, written by Dr. Neil Neimark (reprinted with permission), talks about some things we can do to help us withstand day to day stress, as well as some of the more difficult things that come our way…


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"Sue was tremendously helpful for me in recovering emotionally from injury. A lifelong athlete, I felt devastated after a knee injury which prevented me from participating in my favorite activities. Sue helped me identify the deeper issues behind this loss, which was critical for my being able to address them and begin the emotional healing process. Sue is an excellent listener and was able to gently guide and encourage me along this path."
-K.S., Private Coaching Client

"Doing meditation and breathing and thinking through the end result was extremely helpful. It put me at ease and I was able to sleep through the night before and relax before I went into the operating room."
- M.B., Prepare for Surgery Client

"Sue did a really good job of making us feel comfortable with the whole process. Very patient with us if we needed more guidance.”
- B.M., Group Coaching Client

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